How your Business can Win with Fantasy Sports on Social Media

We’ve seen a few posts from two top-rated fantasy sites. But, fantasy sites aren’t the only business that can benefit from sharing fantasy/sports updates on social media.

Other businesses that can benefit from these fantasy sports on social media strategies include:

  • Sports bars
  • Sporting goods companies
  • Subscription shaving companies
  • Gyms, fitness boot camps, etc.
  • Ecommerce stores catering to the sports industry
  • Any business that markets primarily to men

Which brings us to our first recommendation for succeeding with fantasy sports posts on social media:

Know your audience

Do you run a mixed martial arts studio? Do you have an ecommerce store that sells sports t-shirts and hoodies? You have to understand for WHOM you’re posting to maximize engagement.

Check out this post from Buffalo Wild Wings, celebrating the successes of some fantasy players. Not only do they know their audience loves fantasy football,

but they know that they’re increasing engagement when they celebrate the success of fantasy players (plus, followers become more engaged knowing they might win something like this).

One of the best ways to get to know your audience is to use an analytics tool that can aggregate data from all your platforms. Sprout Social does this, and it’ll help you spot which platforms work best with your audience.

You can also get even more granular with features like tagging and listening to help you determine which sports, types of posts, etc. are most successful.

Be consistent

In addition to knowing your audience well, you’re going to need to give them great content on the regular. Consistency will build your follower base and increase engagement across all your primary social networks.

To assist you with consistency (and to save you a ton of time) you can plug your social profiles into Sprout and schedule posts to go out when you want them to. Here are some tips for social automation:

  • Reshare your top posts. Not back-to-back, but share a popular video or blog from this week again the next week.
  • Use analytics to pinpoint the best times of day/days of the week to share your stuff. For example, you might find that your users are more engaged during games, so you could make sure your game time posts are your best.
  • Both FanDuel and DraftKings are posting on all the major social platforms. Use social media management tools to help you post across ALL your social channels.

Be engaged

You can’t leave your engaged users out to dry. If they respond to your posts, ask questions, etc.—you should respond. You don’t need to like every comment and reply to everyone, but it’s nice to show your appreciation and be, well, human. Get involved in your own conversations!

In this post, Dick’s Sporting Goods is directly engaging their audience by asking them to pick fantasy players according to jerseys (that they just so happen to sell). Directly asking a question is one of the best ways to engage with followers and encourage them to engage back.

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