How Top Fantasy Draft Companies Use Social Media

Fantasy draft sites emerged with the rise in fantasy sports popularity—particularly, the popularity of fantasy on social media.

Let’s take a look at how a few of the top-rated fan sites are using social media to engage with fans and prospects.


DraftKings is a fantasy sports site that hosts daily games for all major sports—including golf and martial arts. It was founded by three VistaPrint executives (Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman) in 2012. Let’s look at some of Draftkings best social media strategies.

1. They hold contests and use sponsors

We’ve written before about how holding contests is a great way to generate engagement and build a follower base on all of the major social media networks.

Check out the example below. Draftkings is holding a contest, with Papa John’s as a sponsor.

Why is this an amazing social media strategy?

  • Do you think sports fans love pizza? Of course! It was even voted one of the top 10 foods for a football game by Bleacher Report.
  • They’re working with affiliates like DK live (news site with 24k followers on Twitter). This expands the reach of this post by 24k people.
  • They’ve tagged their sponsor. Papa John’s has nearly 600k followers.

2. They give their followers valuable advice

The best content is helpful content. Sports fans love analyzing players and games, this helps them choose better fantasy players. In the post below, DraftKings is sharing updates on lots of players, “position-by-position.” They know an intricate analysis will resonate well with their audience.

Why is this a great social media strategy?

  • Again, they’re tagging other profiles of affiliates (people that helped them create this video). These profiles have a large number of followers. Patrick Mayo (@thePME) has over 40k followers.
  • The photo. They’re using a popular player (Kansas City quarterback, Patrick Mahomes) to capture a viewers attention. Check out some of our content on perfecting your social media image game.


FanDuel is ranked #1 by RotoGrinders. It’s a fan-fave, and they’ve got over a million likes on Facebook, 200k+ followers on Twitter, and 38k followers on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at what FanDuel is doing right on social media.

1. Polls and questions

One of the best ways to increase social media engagement is to ask a question. It might seem super basic, but asking a question, particularly one that’s relevant to your audience, spurs excitement.

Check out this question FanDuel asked their Facebook audience.

What about this post works so well?

  • They’re asking questions about a popular topic. These players and the team (Kansas City Chiefs again) garner a lot of attention.
  • Again, they’ve created a unique image — featuring both players, running right at the viewer.
  • They’ve branded the image with their logo at the bottom right. Which is a great strategy, considering this post got 20 shares on Facebook alone.
  • They’ve used hashtags. We’ve written a lot on how powerful the right hashtags can be for your brand. Check out Ritetag to find popular hashtags in your niche.

2. Embracing other current trends in social media

Football isn’t the only trending topic on social media during the fall season. There are tons of other topics that are relevant to the sports-enthusiast audience.

One such topic—cryptocurrency. If you haven’t heard about how popular crypto is on social media, check out our post on the topic.

3. They get nostalgic

Everybody loves an oldie but goodie. And no one is more fond of the past than a sports fanatic obsessed with their favorite childhood quarterback. Check out this post featuring all-time faves Dan Marino and Drew Brees.

What makes this post awesome?

  • First, it’s a throwback. Football fans love both of these guys.
  • Second, it’s an excellent image. Each QB is positioned in action, against a branded team backdrop.
  • Third, the copy is asking a question. This is a throwback and at the same time a poll. FanDuel #FTW.
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