Top 5 Facts About Teen Patti Game Development in India 2020

In India, Gambling is considered auspicious during festivals like Diwali. Even though gambling is illegal in many states, still the card games have their fan base in the country. Teen Patti which is a three-card poker game is a socially popular game all over India. With the advent of technology and regular advancement, this game took over the online platform.

There are various Teen Patti software available that are encashing the popularity of the game. It has been estimated that until 2020, the Teen Patti gaming industry had a growth rate of 22% with market revenue of nearly 12,000 crores. Such attractive returns have created the demand for Teen Patti Software Provider in the market.

As the top court of India declared online games such as Teen Patti a game of skill rather than gambling, the investors now found it attractive to try their hand in this area.

So, with this article, let’s see various facts about Teen Patti game development, it could also be explained as what needs to be taken care of while an investor goes to hire Teen Patti game developer.

The following are the facts which are worth looking, before getting an online platform for developing Teen Patti game:

  • Rate of installation of Teen Patti game is increasing:

It simply defines that the popularity of online Teen Patti is growing. The market and gamers are increasing. So an investor must Hire Teen Patti Software provider, who can develop a competitive game as compared to already present ones in the market. A game with good joining and referral bonus would certainly attract the crowd. Better graphics and performance would promote the peer to peer marketing of the game.

  • The design and development cost of the game must be in proportion to the expected revenue:

While taking your final call about Teen Patti game development company, you need to consider the value for money aspect as well.

  • You should check the previous track records of the service provider in order to get an insight into the quality and security of their online game.
  • Embedded marketing and social media mapping cost. Initial marketing is the responsibility of software providers, so; they must have a good team for the same.
  • The quality of the game must be high, and the graphics must be attractive.
  • Legal pitfalls of Teen Patti game development

As the top court has already made the online Teen Patti a legitimate game, so there are proper channels available now for obtaining a valid license. In the process of Teen Patti game development, an investor must consult domain experts and such game developers who have a good rapport and knowledge about the legalities of online gaming.

The payment gateways also require legal clearances, as it is the most significant source of revenue. Therefore, a developer must provide a safe and smooth transaction mechanism for the overall success of the game. The increasing craze of cryptocurrency could also be incorporated in the game by software developers to enhance revenue and get the gamers who wish to remain anonymous.

  • Innovativeness of the game:

There are numerous games available online on the same topic as Teen Patti, so what would make you unique. Innovation and application of better storylines, graphics, artificial intelligence, etc. would give an edge to a new game. Such innovation would attract gamers towards the new software.

  • Marketing and Grievance redressal:

An investor must rely on such a game development company that has a specialized marketing team. Digital marketing tactics could be utilized to promote the newly developed game on various social media platforms. A new team of Public Relationship (PR) could be trained by the developers for the specific investor. Such a team would help in the initial marketing of the developed game and will use the learned expertise to resolve the issues of gamers on a later date.

The initial joining bonuses, referral bonuses, attachment with other businesses, and advertisement would help to gain the initial market. Once a particular batch of gamers has captured, the features and facilities of the game would bring further gamers. Timely redressal of issues would keep the trust of gamers intact, which is mandatory for steady revenue.

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